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Factors to Consider When Choosing an Identity and Access Management Provider

For your cybersecurity platform, identity, and access management is crucial. Picking the right provider for your enterprise can be confusing. If you make the mistake of choosing a provider who is not fit and right for your company, it will be hard and costly to make changes. Thankfully, this article will help you make the right choice. Here are some of the factors you have to consider when looking for an identity and access management provider.

Have an idea of the exact problem to be solved by the identity and access management solutions. Without knowledge on what you need, it would be hard for the provider to know what should be done. Find out if you just want to know if the people accessing your network are who they say they are or to find information on your super-users and how they use their credentials. As much as many identity solution providers have their own IAM and IGA products, they will provide them according to their capabilities and the areas that need to be focused on. There are others that even have their own biometric authentication capabilities. You should, therefore, know what you need so as to be able to narrow down to convenient choices.

You should how much secured you would like your identities to be. If you value your digital security, you will not compromise your safety at the expense of providing a smooth user experience. This might not be the case for enterprises that demand the customer and access management to be part of the IAM as there will be need of prioritizing a smooth user experience. According to research, too much friction indicates that you have no idea of what you truly value for your business. With all these, you need to find out the extent to which employees and users will be willing to tolerate friction before they seek other business options.

You have to know the number of identities that have to be secured. B2B enterprises need to consider third parties that will need to be granted access to the IT environment. Get to know the number of third parties that access your network on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. At the same time, remember that some of the major breaches that have occurred were because hackers infiltrated a third party.

Find out how flexible the identity solution is. First, you have to check the growth rate of the enterprise and the probability of it changing in the future. Ask yourself if bringing in new third parties and people will cause a major change on the enterprise. Choose an identity solution that will be willing to accommodate you even when the business will decide to shift focus.

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