Give a Room Instant Interest With Unique Mirrors

Home decor does not always have to be elegant, trendy or expensive. It should, however, be interesting. Filling a house with items that are fun to look at and appealing to the people that live there will help to boost creativity and make everyone happier. It is easy to go overboard and make rooms a little too quirky, so always start small and add one new piece at a time. An easy way to achieve this is with the addition of mirrors.

Create an Illusion

One of the biggest assets of mirrors is their ability to create the illusion of space. Interesting architectural details are doubled and small rooms seem larger instantly. Choose a mirror that is in scale with the room. Avoid the temptation to make a small room even larger by covering a wall with reflective glass. This often destroys the illusion and overwhelms the decor.

Brighten the Room

Mirrors are also an easy way to add more light to a room. Hang a couple of unique mirrors across from a window and reflect the daylight back into the room. Use one on a table as a platter for a tray of candles and increase the warmth of this soft light. It is even possible to use the mirrors to accentuate the light from wall fixtures to boost the brightness without the need for additional lights.

Add Some Interest

The mirror is one of the few types of wall hangings that are acceptable in every room. They are perfect for bathrooms, hallways and bedrooms. They work with any type of interior design and have a timeless quality. The variety of frame styles and glass shapes make it very easy to have an interesting focal point in the room.

It is hard to imagine a home not having at least one mirror. It is because this accessory is so common it is often overlooked as the valuable, affordable and appealing design piece it is for homeowners. An easy way to appreciate the potential of this decorating tip is to remove the mirror from above the bathroom vanity and replace it with something new. It is the fastest method for realizing how even a subtle change can shift the appeal of a room.