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How to Market Your Dental Practice

Oral health is an important part of overall health, but fact remains that many people fear dental appointments. If you’re a dentist, should you simply stop at that? Obviously not!

Here are tips to help you promote your dental practice:

Know your customer profile.

One of the most vital components of your dental marketing strategy is defining the types of patients you cater to. You can’t mislead patients. People should be clear about whether you are the right fit for them, thus saving time for both sides.

Use appointment reminders.

People appreciate caring gestures, especially coming from a health care provider. Remind your patients before and appointment and thank them after through phone, SMS, or any other convenient method. Online, you will actually find services that do this for free.

Make a mark in the community.

There are plenty of ways to make a mark in your community, such as initiating a fundraiser for a local cause or being a local sports team sponsor. When you show that you care for the community, it makes a positive impact on your reputation as a practice.

Find other businesses to partner with.

When you partner with other related businesses – for example, dental labs, skin clinics if you offer cosmetic dentistry, etc. – you can have new channels that can bring in new clients to your dental clinic. But it’s crucial to know the history of any business you choose to associate with. Remember, their reputation can rub off on you, so it better be a positive one.

Create a good online presence.

Establish a prominent online market presence – this is the smartest thing you can do if you want to market your dental practice effectively nowadays. Even a simple website will do. You just have to put your vital information such as your address, contact numbers, list of services and the rest. Use social media as well not only for promoting your practice but for communicating with your patients or prospective patients. Research an effective email marketing strategy and implement it. The Internet is the best place to anchor your marketing efforts these days. If you love writing or can afford to hire a writer, begin a blog. Or have a vlog. This is the trend nowadays when it comes to marketing. After all, almost everyone is online. If your practice isn’t there, it’s missing so much.

Be on the directory listing.

Finally, make sure your practice is ranked in the offline directory and other options such as Yellow Pages. As long as your online presence is strong, these directories will be of greater help in terms of attracting patients than traditional marketing strategies.

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